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Playful Death

Playful Death

In the early 1900's or a little before, a man who owned this establishment was a goat farmer, he had hired hands of course like anyone else. He discovered one of these hired hands stealing a goat one evening, so he hung the person. The next few days he discovered the other hired hands were planning on killing him for having hung their friend, so he hung those people as well. All which were hung from the tree which is right next to the house. Having started to lose his mind, he heard rumors about a mob that was going to head his way to apprehend him, tar and feather of course, then let the police take him into custody, let the bank take his house and his wife and 2 daughters were to be thrown out onto the streets. This made him snap, so he went home, took a 12 gauge shotgun to his wife who was in the bath at the time, went into his daughters rooms and suffocated them both, then went outside and hung himself from the tree. After that, no one wanted anything to do with that house and just left it. Years later, the house strangely caught fire, which investigators explained that it had started from the bathtub, lead into the girls bedroom, then consumed the rest of the house. Ironically, the tree no longer produces any leaves; however, still continues to grow. It is said on a dark night, you will find the owner and his hired-hands hanging from this tree, and the daughters crying in the house.

While i was in the house taking pictures my camera began to make white noise sounds between exposures and there were multiple light flares; while taking this particular image in the girls bedroom, the wall paper that was laying against me began to shutter, but none of the other pieces were moving in the breeze. Needless to say i didn't stay much longer after that began to happen!

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA - February 2014

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