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Struggling With Who I Am and Who They Want Me To Be

Struggling With Who I Am and Who They Want Me To Be

As i pushed through my first year at college, i had come to express myself behind the lens in more of a sexual and sensual manner, pulling away from landscapes and transitioning into bodyscapes. I started to photograph nudes and found it came easy to tell a story with the body. This was not received amongst my family as well as it was my teachers and peers.

I struggled throughout the year trying to find myself and find a way to be myself behind the lens without disappointing my family. I finally came to the conclusion, after much stress, that I needed to be happy. I found myself spending hours in studio shooting figure study and fell in love. I enjoy shooting nudes - finding ways to make them tasteful and acceptable amongst even the most prude viewer.

Whether or not my images display aggressive nudity or they highlight aspects of the body with light and shadow - i strive to create a world of figure study that would not lead the viewer to perceive it as pornography.

(I created these images for an assignment in my Creative Techniques Course. The assignment required we make a mask depicting on the outside how people - friends/family/strangers - see you and on the inside how you see yourself. Then photograph the mask how you vision - this was my Struggle.)

dreamdreamsdreamingmotion blurblurmotionabstractfeelingabstractstreetreesforestforestswildernesswoodswoodlandwoodlandsbluegreenyellowsnowsnowingwinterlovei love youlovingfeelingscaringcarefeellovesfalling in lovefallingpinepines' pine treepine treesspringwindwindyflyingsaucerflying saucerufoextra terrestrialalienaliensagotorontoontariocanadalong exposurelongexposureopen shutterart galleryartartistgallerygallerieslakelakesriverriversoceanoceanswatercreekcreeksstreamstreamsstreamingwashover mewash over meset me freesetmefreefreedomfreesfreedbloodonthewallsblood on the wallswallbloodyalter egoegoconfusedwho am i